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Picking out new flooring can be stressful or fun, depending on how you look at it. You want to avoid installing a dated floor, as this could make it harder to sell the home in the future. Understanding the latest flooring trends may give you a better idea of which type of tile flooring to install in your home.

Larger Tiles
These days, you're not stuck installing lots of little tiles and having a ton of grout lines. You can opt for one of the newer, larger tiles. Some tiles are as large as 3 feet by 3 feet, minimizing the number of tiles needed. However, these large tiles need to be installed by a professional, as these tiles are heavy and have to be installed on a completely level surface.

Wood, Metal or Fabric Looks
Tiles made to look like other materials are popular. It can be expensive to install a hardwood floor, for example, and hardwood can't be used in certain rooms, but a tile that looks like wood can be a more budget-friendly solution.
Tiles that look like fabrics or metal can give an interesting look to the room. However, keep in mind that these looks may only be trendy for a few years. The wood look is more likely to stay popular.

Stone, Cement and Brick Tiles
Marble, bluestone, slate and limestone are popular stone tiles. People are also turning to more industrial looking styles that appear to be made from cement or brick. Some types of stone tiles require extra care, such as regular sealing, to keep them looking their best.

Patterned Layouts
Not everyone lays out their tiles in straight rows. It's trendy to use some type of pattern, such as a chevron, herringbone, arabesque or subway pattern for your tiles. People may mix different widths or shapes of tiles to create the patterns, or even create mosaic patterns or fractured mosaic patterns to give the floor a different look.

Super Thin Tiles

Tiles can be heavy, making them unsuitable for certain rooms or expensive to ship across the country. With new technologies, companies are now making ultrathin tiles that are lighter and can be installed in more locations, including walls. These tiles are still sturdy while being versatile.

Textured Tiles
Tiles aren't just available with a smooth surface. Textured tiles are another trend in the tile market, with tiles featuring a variety of different looks and feels, including those textured like lace or leather.

Texture can be positive or negative. A little texture can be a good thing, as it makes slipping and falling less likely. However, a lot of texture, including deeper patterns, may make the floor harder to keep clean, requiring a scrub brush or a microfiber cloth to get the dirt out.

Trending Tile Colors
It shouldn't be surprising that most of the trendy tile colors are neutrals. Very dark browns, like espresso, black, grays, whites and blues are all popular tile colors. Aqua is trendy now, but you probably don't want to do large areas in this color as this trend isn't likely to last too long.

Be strategic when you choose your tile colors. Choosing a tile with a mottled pattern rather than a solid color can help make it so dirt doesn't show up as easily, and it's best to avoid darker colors in small rooms.

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